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I also have a monitor which reads "Err" and ocassionally, "E09", and continues to beep even after battery has been replaced. The number on the back of the unit is 2699 and we have had it for a number of years. Time to replace?


Probably the sensor of your device is broken. The lifespan of the electrochemical sensor of the Carbon Monoxide Detectors is different, especially for the cheaper models it is 2-3 years, for the others it is 5-7 years. So how long your carbon monoxide detector will work depends on where it works and how it works. If you use the detector in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it will have a shorter lifespan. It’s important to know that you should buy a detector that has been tested and has certificates. You can take a look at the two models we offer in the website, they are delivered from the manufacturing plant. In order to reduce the price we order large quantities of the items and store them in a warehouse in Hong Kong, and when ordered, they are delivered to the address in the US.

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10.01.15 20:09
After a power outage, my nighthawk showed Low Battery and kept beeping. I replaced the battery and plugged it in. It then showed "err" and beeped approximately every 15 seconds. My unit was about 10 yrs old. I came to this site and read under "Detector keeps beeping" to try using a can of compressed air to clean the sensor and if that failed to discard it. So, I blew on the sensor a number of times and plugged it in. It seems to be working fine now.

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